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Hey there! All good?!

My passion for games emerged in childhood through my first video game console: a Game Boy Color. It quickly became my favorite hobby, and I spent hours playing. While I enjoyed other activities like drawing and singing, nothing compared to gaming. Later, after encountering my first game engine, RPG Maker, I discovered my knack for game creation. I developed simple games and always felt excited to showcase them to others, aiming to provide them with a great gaming experience. This joy persists to this day.

I began studying technology in digital games formally in 2023, but I had been self-taught since 2017. Despite being proficient in programming, enjoying writing, and even creating simple 2D and 3D art, my studies primarily focus on design solutions for game projects.

I prefer working with the PDCA method, always striving to deliver the best possible experience for the defined audience.

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Hard Skills



Excellent knowledge of C#, essential for creating quick and functional prototypes



Solid knowledge in Unity, from prototyping to tech art, being able to produce games of any genre


Project Management

Familiarity with agile methodology, experience with kanban, trello and other management software

level design.png

Level Design

Balancing and game flow control techniques


PDCA Cycle

Used to working in the plan, do, check, act cycle

game design.png

Game Design Skills

Solid foundation in the main game design frameworks, such as MDA and Schell's Tetrad

Soft Skills


Full efficiency in communicating with the team


Ability to lead and manage small teams


Ability to generate, organize and communicate ideas through documents, moodboards, diagrams and images

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