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Glad you are here!

I am Edson Souza, a student of technology in digital games and an aspiring game designer. I have been creating games out of passion since the age of 14. My professional objective is to develop solutions for entertaining and engaging games, always striving for innovation.

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Looppip: Time's Seed
(in development)

My first commercial project, Looppip: Time's Seed, features a mechanic that allows the character to rewind time. The aesthetics and narrative are fully contextualized within the issue of the impacts of technological evolution on the environment, presenting the protagonist - a seed - with challenges such as forest fires, pollution, and industrialization.


Game design and programming

Code: L1F3

"The price of life" is the theme that permeates the gameplay and narrative in Code: L1F3. The core loop is to shoot enemies using your own vitality as ammunition. 


Game design


Produced for a game jam, Alienation is a horror FPS with unknown creatures - but well known in ufology and popular imagination. The objective is to find the bed to escape the "nightmare".


Game design, programming and 3D modeling

Color Gem's Breaker

A colorful brick-breaker with the classic scoring mode and two additional special modes: one against a bot and another with local multiplayer (on the same device).


Game design, programming and art

Cosmo Defense

A tower defense game with the proposal of placing troops anywhere on the map. With strategic level design, this game promises to challenge the player's sense of strategy. My first game released for a digital platform.


Game design, programming and pixel art

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